The UK government and Ofgem have announced plans for smart technologies that will help consumers cut their bills and boost energy efficiency, using this smart technology across the grid could create up to 24,000 UK jobs and boost exports. Plans could also reduce cost of managing the energy system by up to 10 billion pounds a year by 2050

The Smart Systems and Flexibility Plan and Energy Digitalisation Strategy aims to deliver on the commitments made by the government and represents a significant step forward on the path to providing flexibility for the energy network. Using smart systems and flexibility in the energy sector could reduce the costs of managing the system by up to 10 billion pounds a year by 2050, as well as generate up to 10,000 jobs for system installers, electricians, data scientists and engineers.

A further 14,000 jobs could also be created by the export potential of these new technologies. For consumers, the benefits range from households being able to trade back their excess energy to reduce bills, through to knowing when the costs of running household appliances like washing machines and dishwashers are at their lowest.

“This plan is essential to hitting the UK’s net zero climate goal while keeping energy bills affordable for everyone,” Jonathan Brearley, chief executive of Ofgem, said. “It requires a revolution in how and when we use electricity and will allow millions of electric cars, smart appliances and other new green technologies to digitally connect to the energy system.”

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