5G-ENCODE, has successfully demonstrated phase one of its network slicing and splicing trial, developed by its consortium partner Zeetta Networks.

Slicing and splicing technology enables operators to create multiple virtual networks that can be customised according to specific services and traffic levels needed. The government-backed 5G-Encode collaborative project is intending to make the benefits of private 5G networking a reality for UK manufacturers.

“For the first time in the world, an industrial 5G network can not only be customised and divided into multiple logical networks, but each of those virtual networks can be extended across a transport network to reach another virtual network in a completely different administrative domain,” Vassilis Seferidis, Founder and CEO of Zeetta Networks, said. “Zeetta’s technology enables the stitching of the individual network slices to create a new network slice through an easy-to-use-graphical user interface. This end-to-end slice delivers continuous connectivity for the seamless delivery of applications across different network domains regardless of vendor or technology.”

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