How to create a winning 3D strategy

3D is no longer just for gaming, we are in the midst of a massive digital revolution from 2D to 3D/Computer-Generated Images (CGI). From digital influencers to 3D commerce to AR/VR training, 3D is taking over and for good reason—3D gives buyers more confidence proven to double online conversion rates while 3D training has proven to provide 75% better retention. How do you create a 3D strategy for your organisation and where do you start? Ashley Crowder will review the requirements for web and mobile AR as well as the different industry use cases to help enterprises focus on their core needs to build a winning 3D strategy quickly and efficiently - Presenter: Ashley Crowder, CEO and Co-Founder, Vntana

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VR at Africa’s cutting edge

Virtual Reality looks to achieve giant, hairy, impudent goals - externally questionable, internally not regarded as impossible. This webinar will decode the adaptation curve and the 3Ds of VR while recommending how enterprises employ analytics at the cutting edge - Presenter: Rose Fina Barasa, Project Coordinator, Strathmore University .

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Creating XR experiences with your existing teams

Learn how organisations are unlocking immediate value using spatial computing. In the age of spatial computing, human beings are engaging in a shift from how we interacted with static computers in the past, to how we can engage with the immersive, engaging technology of today. Spatial computing explains how we are increasingly stepping inside of the world of computers, rather than just interacting with it from a distance - Presenter: Alan Smithson, CEO, MetaVRse

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Around the world in VR

Discover how companies, brands, educational organisations and more are using VR to drive ROI for their businesses, address business issues and improve efficiencies. With examples across training, healthcare, media and entertainment, education, AEC, and product development, join Joanna Popper from HP as she discusses why VR is the future of computing - Presenter: Joanna Popper, Global Head of VR at HP

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Extending reality through VR and AR technology

Virtual reality and augmented reality are technologies that have been evolving for over 50 years, but where did they come from and why are they useful to us? We are on a path where VR/AR will form a part of our everyday lives, both professional and personal. From training more inclusive behaviours to helping us navigate the physical world and everything in between, hear about what opportunities these technologies hold for us now and in the future as well as the challenges they face in becoming a mainstream part of our lives - Presenter: Louise Liu, UK Head of Operations and Delivery, VR/AR at PwC

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