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digital carbon footprint

How to reduce your digital carbon footprint

If the cloud were a country it would be the sixth biggest consumer of electricity ...
carbon footprints

Reducing technology carbon footprints

Reducing volumes of data, along with the resources and energy needed to produce and store ...

Productivity boosted as going green proves good for business, not just carbon footprints

Essentra Components has announced its recent move towards sustainable manufacturing has positively impacted not only ...
carbon emissions

Carbon emissions from automotive parts cut by 60 per cent

Carbon emissions from plastic automotive parts can be slashed with a new data-driven testing solution ...

Modular battery energy storage system with improved energy density

At this year’s HUG event in Orlando, Honeywell announced Honeywell Ionic, a compact, end-to-end modular ...

UK manufacturers get £1bn boost for net zero transition

NatWest aims to provide £1billion in extra lending to UK manufacturers to accelerate the transition ...

Manufacturers scoop eco innovation awards

Three manufacturers have scooped awards for eco innovation developed as part of a groundbreaking R&D ...
circular economy

Digital transformation and the circular economy

An effective business and IoT strategy can drive ROI savings and efficiency improvements and contribute ...

ChatGPT-enabled solution for maintenance teams

A new ChatGPT-enabled digital assistant simplifies maintenance operations, enabling faster access to crucial spare parts. ...

Scaling up e-waste recycling with deep eutectic solvents

Deep Eutectic Solvents (DES) is a disruptive metal recycling process that extracts valuable metals for ...
supply chain

AI to cut causes of waste in food supply chain

AI technology can tackle waste across the supply chain to meet customer needs and cut ...

iSIM solution for global IoT connectivity

A new iSIM solution can help manufacturers deploy IoT devices across disparate mobile network operators ...
data monitoring

Sustainable data monitoring for high performance

Sustainable data monitoring can cut corporate energy usage by up to 90 per cent, according ...
big data

Harnessing big data strategies for industry 4.0 success

Manufacturers are being stress-tested on a scale not witnessed since the first industrial revolution. They ...
IT sustainability

Digital transformation and technology sustainability

Industry is caught between two opposing pressures of digital transformation and decarbonisation as increasing volumes ...
circular manufacturing

Circular manufacturing set to transform industry

Circular manufacturing is a proven method of industrial production and a key solution to the ...
supply chain

Supply chain strategies for ESG compliance

Supply chains generate around 60 per cent of all global carbon emissions and can represent 98 ...
IT infrastructure

IT infrastructure reduction is key to reaching net zero targets

IT infrastructure and reduction of its energy use is the key to meeting net zero ...

Technology is needed to advance ESG reporting

Given the increasing importance of delivering transparent, accurate data to key stakeholders, there is a ...
ESG compliance

ESG compliance: data’s role in the sustainable journey

ESG compliance is an increasing legal requirement and data strategies, technologies and software solutions are ...
ESG reporting

ESG reporting and compliance: data’s role in sustainability

ESG reporting and compliance is clouded by more than 630 different ESG measures that have to ...
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