Artistic collaboration blending humans and technology

Universal Robots has collaborated with The Koppel Project and Dr Merritt Moore to curate an ...

Grounds for optimism after a turbulent two years

Maya Xiao, research analyst, Interact Analysis China gives an insight to their Collaborative Robot Market ...

The digital drive in automotive manufacturing

The digital revolution of the automotive industry is already underway. As a result of digitalisation, ...

Giving a second life to industrial robots

The spectre of sustainability continues to look over the manufacturing sector. Remanufacture work enables existing ...

COVID-19 to reduce 2020 industrial robot revenue

Maya Xiao at Interact Analysis offers her insight into the global industrial robot market Global ...

Report reveals workers’ growing appetite for disruptive technology

A report from Advanced, the software and services provider, has revealed workers’ increasing hunger for ...

Robots are a welcome addition to the workforce,

Robo co-workers plug industry-wide skills gap, boost efficiency, automate mundane work, and don’t get involved ...

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