Automation and robotics jobs created for SME manufacturers

SME manufacturers are adopting robotics and automation systems Smarter, creating hundreds of new and upskilled ...

SMEs are finding solutions to current UK material shortages

Construction SMEs are finding solutions to address material shortages, despite the widespread effect they have ...

SME manufacturers are upskilling workers to create the teams of tomorrow through new programme

SME manufacturers, supported by Made Smarter in their drive to digitalise, are upskilling workers to ...

Leading academics call on manufacturers to put storytelling at the heart of servitization

UK manufacturers can increase their chances of implementing new business models through servitization if storytelling ...

Why businesses are turning to AI in the COVID era

Nikolas Kairinos, Founder and CEO, Soffos explains why in many ways, COVID-19 has offered some ...

Small cost, big improvement

A precision engineering SME has been shown how an investment of just £20 could bring ...

SMEs urged to digitise now to recover from COVID-19

SMEs in the manufacturing industry need to digitise now according to software services company, Advanced. ...

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