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Creating trust in digital industry

Digital trust is essential in key areas such as secure communication platforms; cloud storage; IoT devices; industrial processes; collaboration and financial transactions. In the race for Digital First transformation is industry struggling to keep up with tech advances and how does an organisation build trust in the digital world?

Strategies to create digital trust

Ensuring digital trust requires a combination of technical, organisational, and legal measures to protect against cyber threats and breaches as well as to ensure compliance with data privacy regulations and standards. This panel session explores strategies to build trust in the digital world.

Navigating interconnectivity across enterprise data

Dinah talks about: Barriers to greater interconnectivity; complexity of legacy integration; challenges of data management; data as ‘new value’; aligning business needs to technology; connectivity risk assessments; regulation and compliance; security dangers of multi-connectivity.

Mitigating data risk and connectivity security

Adam talks about: Challenges around technology and investment; Commercial vs. open source solutions; challenges around connectivity security; security issues and how to address them; regulation and compliance; growth in demand for penetration testing; need for connectivity security training.

Data connectivity governance and compliance

Matt talks about: Cost barriers of interconnecting technology; tech skills gap; challenge of integrating tech platforms; connectivity risk barriers; systems thinking; cultural barriers; data warehousing; data mesh connectivity; machine learning; telecoms and privacy regulations; reputational risk.

The challenges of IT / ICT architecture connectivity

John talks about: Lack of connectivity understanding among management; tech alignment with business objectives; connecting legacy systems and platform; cybersecurity risk; data trust issues; standard interconnectivity architecture; digital twins; digital security by design; telecoms connectivity; bandwidth and connectivity.

Mobile connectivity and the Internet of Things

Paul talks about: Connectivity investment; IoT, mobile SIM, disparate devices; mobile operators;  wireless connectivity; tech interconnectivity; network connectivity; metaverse; connection rollouts; networking; built environment; innovation; regulation; connectivity security.

Managing seamless data connectivity

Tom talks about: Customer connectivity; digital assistants; systems interconnectivity; data flow connectivity, legacy systems integration; augmented reality; AI; bandwidth; 5G telecoms; digitalisation and transformation; platform integration; new architectures; microservice.

Securing data connectivity

James talks about: Metaverse security; passwords; telecoms interconnectivity; IoT devices; global server connections; electricity and connectivity; internet connectivity; data security and business processes; regulation.

Enabling metaverse technologies  

Kiran Kumar defines the range of elements that constitute the industrial metaverse, the practical, financial and governance benefits delivered by core technologies; real-time process oversight, remote collaboration, training, modelling and forecasting, machine-learning and AI, immersive experience; metafactories; virtual product, building and process design; hardware, software and services enabling the industrial metaverse; key infrastructure,  data connectivity, […]

Building the virtual future

Nathan Patton highlights the range of metaverse technologies currently being used in industry, augmented, mixed and virtual reality, use of LIDAR, mobile mapping and laser scanning in buildings and the construction industry; digital transformation in industry; market drivers; virtual building design; physical and virtual data reporting, the need for a common platform the enable metaverse […]

Powering the industrial metaverse

Dave King talks about the use of industrial metaverse technologies in data centres, explains the workings of digital twin applications; physical and data simulation, data reporting, modelling and forecasting; growth of digital adoption in industry, key drivers of growth, machine-learning, energy issues; mapping a digital strategy, data processes and analysis; automated eco-systems; interconnectivity challenges and […]