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Is your battery ready for the IoT boom?

Michele Windsor, global marketing manager for Ultralife Corporation, explains the challenges this will pose for batteries and what original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) need to consider when choosing batteries for IoT devices There will be 8.4 billion connected things in 2017 and 20.4 billion by 2020 according to research firm Gartner. The demand for connected devices […]

Robots will set us free

Nigel Smith, CEO of industrial robot provider, TM Robotics, explains why businesses need to be smart about how they invest in automation technology. When Tom Watson, deputy leader of the Labour party, launched the final report of the Future of Work Commission, it concluded that we should not fear the “march of the robots”. The […]

Licensing versus the subscription model

Sam Carigliano, CEO and co-founder of cloud based structural engineering software provider SkyCiv explains what the subscription model means for engineers.  In July last year, industry giant Unilever bought e-commerce start-up Dollar Shave Club for one billion dollars. The success of the shaving subscription service, and how it is now being taken seriously by industry […]

Extreme tech to lead human frontiers

Graham Mackrell, managing director of Harmonic Drive UK explains how new tech will reach aerospace, space, defence and offshore sectors ~ High precision gearing and actuation expert Harmonic Drive UK has launched a series of offerings designed to meet the specific challenges faced in a range of extreme sectors on the frontiers of human endeavour. […]

How Industry 4.0 impacts globalisation

Jonathan Wilkins, marketing director at obsolete industrial parts supplier EU Automation, discusses how technology has changed how businesses operate internationally. One of the earliest flights between two countries took place on January 7, 1785, when Jean-Pierre Blanchard and John Jeffries crossed the English Channel by hot air balloon. It wasn’t until over a century later […]

Making Britain’s manufacturing smarter

Martyn Williams, managing director of industrial software provider, COPA-DATA UK, examines what is needed to achieve Britain’s goal of becoming an Industry 4.0 leader in 2018. First came the dawn of mechanical machines, succeeded by the introduction of electricity, quickly followed by the third industrial era, the advent of computers and the internet. Now, as […]

Exploring the virtual world

Glyn Shawcross, group design manager at engineering solutions provider Boulting Group, explains the practicalities and benefits of VR and BIM and why it’s a winning combination Since its inception in 1957, virtual reality (VR) has been used for a multitude of purposes, from computer gaming and music videos to training simulations and product prototyping. Manufacturing […]

Digitalisation — not just for big business

Markus Brettschneider, group senior vice president and general manager for global food & beverage applications for ABB, explains how smaller food manufacturers can take advantage of low-cost digital technology. When cellphones were first released in the mid-1980s, a handset would set you back $4000 — the equivalent of almost $10,000 today. This breakthrough technology was […]