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Operations & Production

Supply chain

Will technology save the supply chain?

It is no surprise that events in recent years have led to supply chain shortages ...

Working in harmony to propel the energy transition forward

To reach net zero, we need new technologies and solutions that work in harmony with ...
Radar measurement of fluidized beds

Radar measurements can vastly improve process industries

Fluidized beds is a technology used in a variety of industries and plays an important ...
disaster recovery

Disaster recovery market worth $31.6bn by 2030

The disaster recovery-as-a-service market is projected to reach $31.6bn by 2030 according to a new ...

Developers favour AI tools but lack trust in accuracy

Increasing productivity is the No 1 benefit of using AI tools as part of a ...

Smart robots growing by 30 per cent a year

More than 517,000 new industrial robots were installed in factories worldwide in 2021 and now 3.5 ...

Eliminating equipment failures with industrial IoT

Manufacturing and construction industries can more efficiently address maintenance problems with remote monitoring and instant ...
supply chain security

Addressing supply chain security compliance obligations

A new study reveals that over a third of UK organisations see software supply chain ...

AI powered supply chain planning solution

A new AI-powered supply chain planning solution aims to empower SMEs to adapt, flex, and ...

Emerging technologies are pioneering a new era in safety

Emerging technologies like IoT, AI and wearables are enhancing safety measures and transforming the industrial ...

Is CDI the new CRM?

CRM and CDP offer only partial solutions to today’s multi-contact customer interactions and a more ...

Metal manufactured products to see highest growth by 2030

The iron, lithium and battery segments account for the majority of the global metal & metal ...

Digital reality platform for discrete manufacturing ecosystem

A new digital reality platform allows manufacturing and quality disciplines to easily connect, collaborate and ...
production line

Robots and AI for new automated production line

A new automated flexible miniature circuit breaker production line has been opened by ABB in ...
net zero technologies

Manufacture of net zero technologies is accelerating

New manufacturing projects for net zero technologies have accelerated in recent months, according to IEA ...

Cloud adjacency the next step evolution of hybrid multicloud

Many cloud-native companies have discovered that apps that require access to large data repositories, need ...

Intelligent digitalisation for heavy machinery manufacturer

Manufacturer SANY aims to drive sustainable development with a strategy of ‘intelligent digitalisation’ and ‘electrification’. ...

Digitalisation the most effective means of plastics recycling

Digitalisation is providing the most effective means for developing a circular economy around plastic re-use, ...

Manufacturer uses returned items to boost electronic circularity

The need to recycle and re-use electronic equipment has spurred a top manufacturer to adopt ...
product life cycle

Navigating strategies in product lifecycle management

Organisations face the increasing need and requirement for granular oversight and control of the entire ...
supply chain

Digital transformation of supply chain planning

Digital transformation of supply chain operations is essential in driving efficiency and key to the ...
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