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Radar measurement of fluidized beds

Radar measurements can vastly improve process industries

Fluidized beds is a technology used in a variety of industries and plays an important ...

Developers favour AI tools but lack trust in accuracy

Increasing productivity is the No 1 benefit of using AI tools as part of a ...

Tech investment set to fast-track enterprise growth

Large enterprises are focussed on increased technology investment to fuel growth through global expansion, new ...

Is CDI the new CRM?

CRM and CDP offer only partial solutions to today’s multi-contact customer interactions and a more ...
net zero technologies

Manufacture of net zero technologies is accelerating

New manufacturing projects for net zero technologies have accelerated in recent months, according to IEA ...

Cloud adjacency the next step evolution of hybrid multicloud

Many cloud-native companies have discovered that apps that require access to large data repositories, need ...
digital carbon footprint

How to reduce your digital carbon footprint

If the cloud were a country it would be the sixth biggest consumer of electricity ...

GDPR a ‘toothless tiger’ approaching its fifth anniversary

The UK general data protection regulation (GDPR) is the toughest privacy and security law in the ...
product life cycle

Navigating strategies in product lifecycle management

Organisations face the increasing need and requirement for granular oversight and control of the entire ...

Connectivity and the risk to data security

Interconnectivity is essential to business operations but greater connectivity can present security risks that expose ...
supply chain

Securing supply chain resilience as cyber attacks increase

More than half of UK businesses have been impacted by a cyber/data security incident caused ...
digital transformation

A time to transform through digital solutions

Digital transformation was already climbing on the business agenda for boards of directors worldwide, even ...
Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence ‘should not be feared’, say supply chain specialists

Artificial intelligence may be the new bad-boy on the block but the technology is vital ...
CAD modelling

3D CAD modelling for industrial robotics

Over 80 per cent of construction businesses say they will introduce robots with safety, labour ...

Connecting digital systems to drive more efficient construction

Efficiency in construction has always been important. Fail to deliver projects on time and within ...

Ransomware attacks demand new thinking and approach

It is rare that a day goes past without a high-profile ransomware attack making the ...

Blockchain and AI for supply chain security

Supply chain cyberattacks that cripple software and vital operations are among the most destructive strategies ...

Collaboration is key to delivering growth in troubled times

At the recent Rockwell Automation Fair in Chicago, Mark Venables caught up with Susana Gonzalez, ...

Key steps to automating industrial stores and warehousing

Automation is a central pillar of Industry 4.0 with physical and data-driven systems driving efficiency, ...
digital trust

Building digital trust in industry

Wariness and scandals related to digital technologies have eroded digital trust at an unprecedented scale, ...
big data

Harnessing big data strategies for industry 4.0 success

Manufacturers are being stress-tested on a scale not witnessed since the first industrial revolution. They ...
CTS The industrialisation of IT
CTS - Industrialisation of IT

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