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Automation & Control


Developers favour AI tools but lack trust in accuracy

Increasing productivity is the No 1 benefit of using AI tools as part of a ...

Smart robots growing by 30 per cent a year

More than 517,000 new industrial robots were installed in factories worldwide in 2021 and now 3.5 ...

Eliminating equipment failures with industrial IoT

Manufacturing and construction industries can more efficiently address maintenance problems with remote monitoring and instant ...

Tech investment set to fast-track enterprise growth

Large enterprises are focussed on increased technology investment to fuel growth through global expansion, new ...

Blockchain innovation for data provenance and integrity

A new solution is set to end the limitless storage requirements that come with increasing ...

Digital reality platform for discrete manufacturing ecosystem

A new digital reality platform allows manufacturing and quality disciplines to easily connect, collaborate and ...

New robotics research centre to support a net zero future

A new international research centre designed to create robotics and autonomous systems that will play ...
production line

Robots and AI for new automated production line

A new automated flexible miniature circuit breaker production line has been opened by ABB in ...

ERP for automated procurement and shipping

ERP solutions can help enterprises to automate and improve key business processes such as procurement ...

Digitalisation solutions for seamless traceability

The key themes driving modern manufacturing are the value of data, new business models and ...
Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence ‘should not be feared’, say supply chain specialists

Artificial intelligence may be the new bad-boy on the block but the technology is vital ...

Autonomous technology not always aligned with pain points

Despite greater availability of solutions companies struggle to find the best autonomous technology to solve ...

Robotics technology market to reach $189.36bn by 2027

The global robotics technology market is forecast to reach $189.36bn by 2027, growing at a ...

New fully automated production line in Västerås

Automation has improved production efficiency and working environment at the ABB facility at Västerås, Sweden. ...
CAD modelling

3D CAD modelling for industrial robotics

Over 80 per cent of construction businesses say they will introduce robots with safety, labour ...

Automation manufacturer wins King’s Award for Enterprise 2023

An automation company from Suffolk has won the inaugural King’s Award for Enterprise 2023 for ...

Robots remove risks during emergencies at nuclear plants

Remotely operated robots will make emergency jobs across UK nuclear plants significantly safer and more ...
event-driven architecture

Event-driven architecture delivers exponential ROI

Manufacturing enterprises see ROI increase as they embrace event-driven architecture across their organisation, a new ...

Robotic precise laser welding for chemical vessel production

A robotic laser welding solution is helping a UK chemicals company produce accurate laser welds ...

Voice-directed solutions for supply chain productivity

Adoption of voice-directed warehousing is growing by 12 per cent annually driven by innovations in ...
intelligent building

Security and safety drive intelligent building automation

The need for improved security and safety in intelligent buildings is driving growth of intelligent ...
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