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Business Strategy & Management

Investing in data governance is a non-negotiable for GDPR compliance

Since the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went into effect in the EU five years ...

Tech investment set to fast-track enterprise growth

Large enterprises are focussed on increased technology investment to fuel growth through global expansion, new ...

Technology training for in-demand jobs

Technology training provider Wiley Edge aims to skill and train the next generation of graduates to meet ...

Embrace AI, but avoid the frenzy

Artificial intelligence (AI) should be explored with caution to avoid getting ‘burned’, warns a leading ...

Emerging technologies are pioneering a new era in safety

Emerging technologies like IoT, AI and wearables are enhancing safety measures and transforming the industrial ...

Personality traits dictate AI acceptance in the workplace

New research by SnapLogic reveals that attitudes towards AI in the workplace are guided by individuals’ ...
artificial intelligence

Only 13 per cent of businesses currently use artificial intelligence

Despite all the hype and excitable headlines only 13 per cent of businesses are currently ...

Sustainability and automation drive job trends in manufacturing

Manufacturing and engineering industries have experienced substantial shifts in job search volumes over the past ...

eWaste is the hidden scandal of the IT and data world

eWaste is the elephant in the server room when it comes to IT asset disposal, ...
digital transformation

Digital transformation failing to match IT infrastructure

Ninety per cent of IT buyers say pressure of digital transformation has led them to ...
industrial strategy

Manufacturing chiefs call for re-launch of UK industrial strategy

Manufacturing bosses have called for a re-launch of UK industrial strategy to avoid falling behind ...

Cloud investments are top IT priority in 2023

Cloud-based IT projects dominate the spending of tech decision makers, with 50 per cent of respondents pursuing a ...
cloud learning

Challenges and opportunities in cloud learning solutions

More businesses than ever are demanding the benefits of an effective cloud learning program to ...

Managing networks using the right foundation

Optimised network connectivity and performance provides the foundation required to support businesses in meeting their ...
Digital Transformation

Scheme to help manufacturers’ digital transformation

The ‘Leading Digital Transformation’ programme aims to produce digitally-informed leaders armed with a bespoke digitalisation ...
Machine learning

Machine learning a key enabler of digital transformation

Machine learning extends beyond resolution of technical problems, into the business realm transforming the way ...

Cyber attack fines cost UK firms an average of £250,000

Six in ten UK businesses faced at least one cyber related data breach fine in ...

Only five per cent of UK businesses are ‘innovation leaders’

Businesses are confident in the strength of their innovation in the face of global challenges ...

Businesses are investing in automation to boost productivity

Two fifths of businesses across manufacturing, retail and 3PLs plan to invest in automation over ...

Tech sector is heading for a brain drain

The technology sector is facing high staff churn as more than half of tech professionals ...
data leaders

Creating an effective data strategy

Data strategy is essential for any organisation serious about maximising the value of its data ...
CTS The industrialisation of IT
CTS - Industrialisation of IT

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CTS The industrialisation of IT

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