Technology training for in-demand jobs


Technology training provider Wiley Edge aims to skill and train the next generation of graduates to meet the needs of industry.

The company has joined the RiseUp with ServiceNow Placement Partner Program to skill and train the next generation of graduates in the ServiceNow ecosystem, preparing them for in-demand jobs in technology.

The partnership will provide organisations with much-needed talent to help customers navigate the era of digital business while expanding career opportunities.

Wiley Edge supports the RiseUp with ServiceNow goal, to skill one million people on the company’s platform by 2024. The program also expands on the traditional definition of tech talent by emphasising whole‑person competencies and “power skills” such as critical thinking, interpersonal communication, and creativity. 

Under Wiley Edge’s ‘hire train deploy’ strategy, graduates from a diverse range of backgrounds will receive full training in ServiceNow in preparation for their work placement with a client company.

Through a single IT platform, ServiceNow optimises digital workflows to help them run faster and smoother, which ultimately helps businesses to modernise their operations and improve their productivity.

ServiceNow selected Wiley Edge due to the scale of its geographic presence, with the organisation currently offering its training services in the US, UK, Germany, India and beyond. The company  has undergone rapid growth in recent years, placing 25 per cent more people in 2022 than 2021 and, with the new partnership, aims for 25 per cent of the candidates sourced by training providers to be inclusive of underrepresented or disadvantaged communities which includes people from diverse backgrounds those returning to work and veterans.

Students must also earn a wage during training and not be subjected to burdensome payments if they leave their training before completion. Graduates hired by Wiley Edge receive a salary throughout their journey and are never locked in with exit fees.

“As Wiley Edge continues to grow rapidly, we are always looking at new, innovative ways to expand our training offering,” Todd Zipper, executive VP & general manager of Wiley Edge said. “It’s fantastic news that our Alumni will now be trained in ServiceNow technology and that they will be equipped with the latest technological skills they need to thrive.

“Alumni bring added value to their client companies from day one of deployment through our Alumni Graduate Program. With ServiceNow now part of our portfolio, we can continue to offer companies an evolving pipeline of diverse talent and help to bridge the tech skills gap, while also giving graduates the investment they need to take their first steps on their chosen career ladders.”

“As more organisations look to technology to drive productivity and efficiency, digital talent is essential for success, but increasingly hard to identify,” said Cat Lang, senior vice president of global education at ServiceNow. “We are thrilled Wiley Edge chose RiseUp with ServiceNow to help close that opportunity gap. Through the program, individuals will be empowered to build meaningful technology careers with a promising trajectory.”

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