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UK businesses see boosting connectivity as integral to growth

Study reveals a great opportunity for alternative network providers (AltNets) to meet growing demand for gigabit broadband despite lack of government incentives A new study has found the business appetite for high-capacity connectivity is set to support the next surge of digital investment. 42% of UK businesses regard moving to higher capacity connectivity in the […]

Germany Energy Efficiency Act demonstrates importance of data centre supply chain collaboration


Following the signing into law of Germany’s Energy Efficiency Act (EnEfG), energy solutions specialist Aggreko is encouraging data centre stakeholders to engage with the supply chain to minimise upheaval. Introducing wide-ranging reforms for the nation’s industry, the EnEfG requires data centre operators to improve their power usage and transparency by introducing energy management systems with […]

Systemair look to Infor’s cloud solution to deliver more sustainable products

Systemair is moving its core business system to Infor CloudSuite Manufacturing, aiming at smoother integration of newly acquired companies and developing new types of products and services. Systemair was founded 50 years ago and currently has offices in 51 countries, supplying both private and commercial customers, including hospitals, offices and schools, where air quality is […]

Vertiv collaborates with Intel on liquid cooled solution

Data Centre

Vertiv is collaborating with Intel to provide a liquid cooling solution that will support the revolutionary new Intel Gaudi3 AI accelerator, scheduled to launch in 2024. AI applications and high-performance computing emit higher amounts of heat, and organisations are increasingly turning to liquid cooling solutions for more efficient and eco-friendly cooling options.  The Intel Gaudi3 […]

Will technology save the supply chain?

Supply chain

It is no surprise that events in recent years have led to supply chain shortages and cost increases.  Industries have been using technology more than ever to try and understand and gain visibility into their supply chains, and where possible, improve their efficiency. While the problem is evident and tangible across a wide range of […]

Generative AI at work: Creating a transparent company culture

The power of generative AI has risen to prominence in the past year. Even for those outside of the tech industry, ChatGPT and Bard have become household names, used in both work and personal contexts in ways that could not have been predicted only a few short years ago. In the workplace, generative AI has […]

Working in harmony to propel the energy transition forward

To reach net zero, we need new technologies and solutions that work in harmony with each other to help customers and power distribution system operators to flourish in a greener, electrified world. Strong commercial partnerships with startups can help established players fill innovation gaps and solve the energy industry’s most pressing challenges. The EU recently […]

Investing in data governance is a non-negotiable for GDPR compliance

Since the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went into effect in the EU five years ago, it has had a profound impact both within the bloc and beyond. With it, data governance and privacy investments have become non-negotiable for companies looking to leverage data to drive innovation and growth. Proper data governance protects customer data, […]

AI-powered computer vision enhances safety in industrial workplaces


RoboK, a startup applying AI-powered computer vision to logistics and industrial workplaces, has announced $2.1 million in funding, making it $4 million to date, for accelerating commercial expansion. The company is on a mission to deliver significant value to customers and unlock the often-overlooked potential of its existing industrial CCTV cameras. This is achieved with […]

Radar measurements can vastly improve process industries

Radar measurement of fluidized beds

Fluidized beds is a technology used in a variety of industries and plays an important role in the transition to green energy and the production of food and drugs. However, the process that occurs inside a fluidized bed is extremely complex and due to a lack of effective measurement techniques has remained largely unknown. Now, […]

2m UK university and research facility credentials hacked


2.2 million personal credentials are available on the dark web stolen from the top 100 UK university and research institutions. With over 2.41m staff and students at UK universities in the 21/22 academic year (HESA student and staff records) studying for degrees, including 679,000 students from outside the UK, the potential reach and impact of a breach is serious, […]

Disaster recovery market worth $31.6bn by 2030

disaster recovery

The disaster recovery-as-a-service market is projected to reach $31.6bn by 2030 according to a new report from Meticulous Research. Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service is a cloud computing service model that allows an organisation to back up its data and IT infrastructure in a third-party cloud computing environment and provide all the DR orchestration, all through a SaaS […]

Smartwatches are revolutionising the tech industry


Smartwatches are revolutionising the tech industry as the multifunctional device does more than simply making and answering calls. According to research by Watch Faces, over a fifth (22.5 per cent) of the world’s internet users now own a smartwatch, amounting to a total of 1.2 billion people globally — a nine per cent rise from the […]

Developers favour AI tools but lack trust in accuracy


Increasing productivity is the No 1 benefit of using AI tools as part of a development workflow, a new report finds. The Stack Overflow 2023 Developer Survey received 90,000 responses across 185 countries and found that 70 per cent of professional full-stack developers, respondents already using or planning to use AI tools in their development process. […]

Smart robots growing by 30 per cent a year


More than 517,000 new industrial robots were installed in factories worldwide in 2021 and now 3.5 million robots are carrying out industrial tasks. That’s according to the latest report by the International Federation of Robotics (IFR) that predicts the industrial robot market will be worth $122 billion in 2023. It won’t be long before these figures are […]

Eliminating equipment failures with industrial IoT


Manufacturing and construction industries can more efficiently address maintenance problems with remote monitoring and instant alerting, according to Roman Pavlyuk, vice president of digital strategy at Intellias. In early 2018, an oilfield services company approached us with a problem to solve, Pavlyuk says. Their equipment was installed at a depth of 1.5-2 kilometres underwater, and […]

Addressing supply chain security compliance obligations

supply chain security

A new study reveals that over a third of UK organisations see software supply chain security as the biggest risk to their business. In the midst of no fewer than four best-practice guides, two communications from the US federal government, and hundreds of headlines focusing on the software supply chain, it’s no surprise that organisations […]

Modular battery energy storage system with improved energy density


At this year’s HUG event in Orlando, Honeywell announced Honeywell Ionic, a compact, end-to-end modular battery energy storage system (BESS) and energy management tool that offers improved energy density compared to what’s currently available on the market, while delivering a significant reduction of installations costs. Installed with lithium-ion battery cells, the design emphasizes flexibility and […]