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Connectivity and the risk to data security


Interconnectivity is essential to business operations but greater connectivity can present security risks that expose an organisation’s vulnerability. With the increased use of more and more sophisticated technology, such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality and augmented reality, interconnectivity is absolutely imperative to keeping a business operational. But the more you connect, the greater your attack […]

eWaste is the hidden scandal of the IT and data world


eWaste is the elephant in the server room when it comes to IT asset disposal, sustainability and recycling for the circular economy. Only 28 per cent of companies consider IT asset disposal a key part of their sustainability strategy, according to an Uptime Institute survey. 92 per cent of eWaste and IT equipment in America […]

Digital transformation failing to match IT infrastructure

digital transformation

Ninety per cent of IT buyers say pressure of digital transformation has led them to buy technology their IT infrastructure could not support. That’s according to a new report by Pure Storage and Wakefield Research that identifies the obstacles organisations across industries face in the digital economy while on the path to modernisation and the investment […]