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Cloud-based IT projects dominate the spending of tech decision makers, with 50 per cent of respondents pursuing a cloud-first strategy.

A new poll conducted by TechTarget/Computer Weekly revealed a notable year-on-year investment increase in cloud-based projects and saw the cloud place second when asked which technology initiatives have become  ‘significantly more important’ to their organisation’s future over the past two years, constituting a 13 per cent increase compared with 2022.

First was cybersecurity, but cost saving in unprecedented economic times is high on the agenda for many with the move from on-premise to off helping technology decision-makers to curb costs.

“It is no surprise to see an uptick in businesses moving to the cloud and I’d expect these figures to continue rising for years to come, especially as workforces become increasingly distributed,” James Campanini, CEO of VeUP, said. “The recent economic instability has also presented a major driver behind adoption, with cost optimisation at the top of the agenda and partners alleviating the concerns of AWS billing and cost management. 

“Many businesses still splash the majority of their IT budgets on on-premises infrastructure but when looking at initiating efficiency programmes to cut overheads, cloud adoption is an obvious solution. An efficient transition from on-site requires a dedicated strategy built on a cloud-first model.

“Our partners greatly value AWS and cloud as the engine of their business, but often they lack the resources and expertise to maximise what it can do, especially when it comes to cutting costs and maximising security and reliability. The next stage for widespread adoption is for businesses to have access to the tools, skills and partners to implement a model that enables them to scale their businesses and lead growth.”

Out of the total of 392 technology decision-makers from across Europe, the Middle East and Africa, the UK’s cut of data revealed that digital transformation was the third most popular initiative for organisations to undertake, succeeded by hybrid and multi-cloud deployments.