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GDPR a ‘toothless tiger’ approaching its fifth anniversary


The UK general data protection regulation (GDPR) is the toughest privacy and security law in the world but it is failing in enforcement. That’s according to a top data analyst who says that companies falling foul of data laws have often faced few, small fines giving the impression that GDPR regulation is a ‘toothless tiger’. Introduced […]

Only 13 per cent of businesses currently use artificial intelligence

artificial intelligence

Despite all the hype and excitable headlines only 13 per cent of businesses are currently using artificial intelligence. Although current take up is low, greater investment is on the horizon for the majority, according to new research by bluQube that found 35 per cent are planning to invest in artificial intelligence (AI) over the next […]

Manufacturer uses returned items to boost electronic circularity


The need to recycle and re-use electronic equipment has spurred a top manufacturer to adopt a new circular economy approach. Coffee machine manufacturer Melitta has partnered with Trojan Electronics to adopt a new circular approach to production that has led to 78 per cent of its beyond repair returned electronic items being processed and harvested […]