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How to get started with digital twins

Given the wide applications of the digital twin, how does one get started? Aaron Parrott, specialist leader in Deloitte Consulting LLP’s supply chain and manufacturing operations service offering gives us his answer A major challenge in undertaking a digital twin process can reside in determining the optimal level of detail in creating a digital twin […]

Working with twins

  The digital twin is becoming a pervasive technology but what exactly can it do for manufacturing companies and how can they create value from it? Mark Venables spoke to Michael Campbell, executive vice president, augmented reality products at PTC to discover more.  Many companies talk about digital twins when they are in fact interactive […]

Making an impact in the real world with digital twins

  Zvi Feuer, senior vice president, manufacturing engineering solutions at Siemens, and Zvika Weissman, industries and production management director at Siemens Industry explain the benefits of a digital twin for manufacturing Models so accurate they are a digital twin of the product you are creating can help you throughout the design and development process. 1D […]

The battle for business buy-in

Maxim Frolov, Vice President of Global Sales at Kaspersky Lab discusses three ways to justify your IT security spend in the current high threat environment Proving ROI in IT security has traditionally been a struggle for IT professionals, who need to balance budget limitations while constantly fighting to stay ahead of the dynamic threat landscape. […]

Making the visitor experience count

Dan Harding, director of Sign In App explores the importance of first impressions within the business world, and how with many SMEs opting for unmanned receptions, the focus must be on a seamless visitor experience with the incorporation of the all-important ‘personal touch’. Innovative technology is key, that also ensures GDPR compliance.   Let’s set […]

Asset and service data will have gravitational pull on other parts of the business

  Asset and service data will have a gravitational pull on other parts of the business, putting a new business lens on enterprise performance, according to a new global research report, “The Rise of Asset and Service Data Gravity”, conducted by Vanson Bourne on behalf of ServiceMax from GE Digital. By automatically collecting, aggregating and […]

Gen Z will be the last generation to remember a product-based economy

Generation Z, those born between the mid-1990s to the mid-2000s, will be the last generation to remember a product-based economy, according to a new global research report “The Rise of Asset and Service Data Gravity”, conducted by Vanson Bourne on behalf of ServiceMax from GE Digital. As the trend to servitization (bundling services with products) […]

Full OT/IT coverage enables seamless end-to-end digitalisation

Industrial systems integrator, Boulting Technology, has today announced a new alliance with NETbuilder, a leading provider of software and IT consulting services. The alliance will enable Boulting to provide UK clients across manufacturing, process and other industries with a full suite of end-to-end digitalisation services. Boulting Technology, which has partnerships with leading industrial vendors including […]

NI accelerates beyond the speed of innovation with LabVIEW 2018

N I, the provider of a software-defined platform that helps accelerate the development and performance of automated test and automated measurement systems, has announced the release of LabVIEW 2018. For decades, LabVIEW has led the industry in platform software for test workflows. Engineers can exceed their speed of innovation with LabVIEW 2018 by taking advantage […]

Siemens’ extended model-based systems engineering solution enhances innovation

Siemens PLM Software has announced extensions to its portfolio for model-based systems engineering (MBSE) to enable Multi-Domain Engineering as a key component of the Systems Driven Product Development strategy. Building on its extensive MBSE technology, which includes Teamcenter software, Simcenter software, Capital software, NX software, and Polarion software, Siemens PLM Software is further enriching the […]

Bridging the analogue and digital worlds

Hydraulics and technology specialist Bosch Rexroth has added IO-Link connectivity to its range, making low-cost, high-availability connections between analogue and digital realms a reality.  The company has harnessed the advantages of the IO-Link open standard for hydraulic actuators and sensors – meaning that its 4WRPEH proportional control valves and HEDE10 pressure switches are now available […]

Robots are a welcome addition to the workforce,

Robo co-workers plug industry-wide skills gap, boost efficiency, automate mundane work, and don’t get involved in office politics With employers struggling to find people with the skills they need, even for entry-level jobs industrial workers are increasingly seeing the benefits of working with robots, rather than humans, to improve productivity and relieve the pressures they […]

The energy sector looks to IoT to streamline operational costs

Global energy companies are actively investing in Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to optimise their operations and streamline business strategies in the hope of reducing expenditure and increasing profit. This is according to research by global mobile satellite company Inmarsat, which revealed that IoT’s ability to deliver cost savings is one of the biggest drivers […]