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Bentley Systems Introduces new digital twin services

At this year’s Year In Infrastructure (YII) conference in Singapore Bentley Systems introduced new digital twin services for asset and network performance. AssetWise Digital Twin Services converge digital context, digital components, and digital chronology to provide immersive visualization and advanced analytics for enhanced decision support and improved performance of infrastructure assets. OpenUtilities Digital Twin Services […]

The future of manufacturing: Your people

According to Raffaele Carpi, partner in McKinsey’s Lisbon office, Anna Littmann, associate partner and Christoph Schmitz, senior partner, both in the Frankfurt office new technologies are an enabler, not merely a goal in themselves. If you read much of what is being written about manufacturing today, you would believe that advanced technology is the key […]

Benefits of edge computing in industry

CTS looks at how edge computing is becoming central to a new efficiency revolution In the age of the industrial internet of things (IIoT), the speed of data analysis is key to effective operation. Edge computing accelerates this process, allowing for industrial data analysis to be performed at the point of collection. Edge computing is […]