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Technology as a disruptor to optimise operations and explore new revenue streams

Alessandro Chimera, Director of Digitalisation Strategy explains why the current social and economic climate, as a result of the recent global pandemic, has put companies in a crisis. Unless they re-think their business operations, they will fail. The average professional is also facing a challenge, one where a change in their habits is top of […]

How tech helps bridge the gap in manufacturing

Jamie Hinton, CEO at Razor

Jamie Hinton, CEO at Razor, explains how manufacturing can harness digital transformation to ultimately reap the rewards of growth. Manufacturing is an industry that harnesses technology in order to deliver on efficiency and productivity. However, manufacturers are coming under increasing pressure to produce higher-quality goods faster, and at a lower cost. They are continuously looking […]

The Drive to Prescriptive Asset Management

Engineer using tablet

Predictive asset management provides new insights into equipment status to increase process uptime, avoid disruption and optimise asset utilisation. Through regular monitoring of production assets, predictive asset management helps users avoid costly, unscheduled downtime, reduce maintenance costs and more efficiently plan scheduled maintenance, all with the aim of increasing plant productivity and maximising capital outlay. […]

Knowing when to say goodbye

Dave Hart, executive vice president at ServiceMax explains that knowing when to ditch old equipment is tricky but essential to avoid waste and downtime “Data is a precious thing and will last longer than the systems themselves,” wrote Tim Berners-Lee back in 2006 in A Framework for Web Science. It is an interesting quote because […]