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Updates to ERP solution boost traceability for Syspro


Manufacturing and distribution businesses are set to benefit from optimised production processes, enhanced traceability, and new digital tax automation in Syspro’s latest release of its Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution. The application has been further enhanced to help manufacturers gain greater visibility of supply chains. An update has been made to the product recall feature, […]

Prospects for Quantum Computing remains uncertain for next decade


As innovation continues to accelerate, quantum computing has become an increasingly important technology to monitor as part of the broader wave of digital transformation. Quantum computing aims to solve complex problems that are impossible to address with today’s supercomputers and has strong potential across multiple industry sectors, including pharma, energy, finance, logistics, manufacturing, and materials. […]

Bringing the factory home


When lockdown began, millions of workers found themselves thrust into the unfamiliar situation of working from home, and the transition for some industries was more straightforward than others. Most office workers realised quickly that thanks to video conferencing technology, they could work just as effectively at their kitchen table as at their desk. But for […]

Building resilience with the Digital Twin

These are truly exceptional times as we all adapt to the unprecedented health, social and economic disruptions we are experiencing across the globe. As the manufacturing sector moves back into top gear, the Digital Twin could play a vital role. Scroll back even a few months and it would have been all but impossible to […]

The role of data in industry 4.0

Industry 4.0

The challenges encountered by manufacturing companies when it comes to handling data are well reported, but what can they do to ensure that data is an asset rather than a problem? Data has long been treated in the manufacturing industry as the orphan nephew living in the cupboard under the stairs.  While operational and service […]