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Magnetic levitation shuttle system drives transition to adaptive manufacturing


ABB is partnering with Canada’s PMI to expand its machine automation offering: The integration of PMI’s magnetic levitation technology into the company’s Machine Automation Division’s (B&R) portfolio will accelerate industry’s transition from strictly linear production to an open, adaptive manufacturing space. This will support B&R customers in the transition to highly flexible and precise manufacturing […]

The increasing importance of alternative data

Or Lenchner, CEO of online data collection platform Bright Data, talks about why transparency and ethical data collection are mission-critical elements to organisations, the increasing importance of alternative data, and why he credits surfing to helping him guide his decision-making through the Covid-19 pandemic.   Tell us about your journey in the tech sector and […]

The Interconnectivity of 5G and cloud: Unlocking the door to enterprise VR

Lucas San Pedro, CTO, Immerse explains how 5G and cloud computing can herald a new era of virtual reality. The workplace has changed beyond recognition in the last year, and business leaders are recognising the need to revolutionise their training methods to equip their teams for an uncertain future. As traditional classroom-based training models become […]