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Giving power to the consumer on the road to net-zero


Mike Woodhall, CEO, Chameleon Technology, argues that our homes’ energy management needs to move into the modern day.   The way in which we engage with energy consumption within our homes has remained stuck in the dark ages whereas smart technology increasingly dominates most other aspects of our lives. For example, there is a huge divide […]

You’ve got mail


Guy Hanson, VP Customer Engagement at Validity looks at the environmental impact of email.  With 2021 marking 50 years of email, it is difficult to comprehend how such a familiar and widely used platform can impact the environment. However, with COP26 in full force, it has never been more important to recognise the environmental impact of sending and receiving emails. For example, internet service providers (ISPs) operate massive server farms, telecom operators use specialised carrier equipment, and the devices we use for email are active 24 hours a day. Accounting […]