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AIM for Climate Announces $193 million in climate-smart agriculture innovation sprints


The Agriculture Innovation Mission for Climate (AIM for Climate), a climate initiative led by the United States (US) and United Arab Emirates (UAE), announced over $193 million in increased investment in climate-smart agriculture innovation by its Innovation Sprint Partners across eight innovation sprints, with participation from over 40 organisations.   AIM for Climate was officially launched earlier this week at the 26th United Nations Climate Change […]

Clothing manufacturer sews seeds of sustainable growth with digital eco-factory


A clothing manufacturer, supported by Made Smarter, is aiming for green growth through sustainable style with a ground-breaking smart eco-factory. Creative Apparel is set to open the new state-of-the-art facility in Stockport, a mile away from its current base, in 2022.  It is investing in full factory digitalisation where a central IT system drives and measures […]

The time for words is over, it is now time for action


Dr Tom Mason, co-Founder and CEO at London-based Bramble Energy give his views on the role that science and innovation must play in combating climate change.  “The facts are clear: we must limit warming to 1.5C. Thanks to science, that is feasible – the technologies are already available.” Yesterday Sir Patrick Vallance spoke at COP26 Science […]

Science and innovation critical to climate change solutions


Science and Innovation Day at COP26  saw the announcement of new initiatives backed by global coalitions of nations, businesses, and scientists. These will support the implementation of the goals announced during the World Leaders Summit and other country commitments announced during the first week of the conference.  Government Chief Scientific Adviser Sir Patrick Vallance underlined the critical […]