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Getting the data lifecycle right to accelerate digital transformation


Peter Ruffley, CEO, Zizo, emphasises the importance of going through the data lifecycle to drive the digital transformation process. Data is the key to transforming any business. Accelerated by COVID-19, businesses have started to become more data-driven and embrace digital transformation strategies. However, these often become wasted endeavours as organisations are not brave or honest […]

Accelerating the path to sustainability with digital transformation

Jason Chester, director of global channel programs at InfinityQS explains how the drivers for digital transformation have changed bringing sustainability ambitions to the forefront. Digital transformation has been one of the key industry themes for several years, but recently it has become a major strategic priority for most organisations.  As an impact of the pandemic, […]

Fast tracking solutions to climate change

Tracking turtles through affordable, ubiquitous global Satellite IoT is just the start of a revolution in climate change understanding that should herald a new era of provable, positive environmental change, explains Laurent Vieira de Mello, COO, Astrocast. In a world of global innovation and cooperation, practical solutions to the challenges created by climate change and […]