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Industrial Metaverse: Why Does It Matter?

Industrial Metaverse

Tibor Merey and colleagues at Boston Consulting Group detail the applications, layers, infrastructure and benefits of the industrial metaverse and how it can turn data into real value. The metaverse will transform many aspects of the human experience but remains an unreal concept for many and industrial companies are curious to know what’s in store […]

Voice controlled hands-free thermal camera is a world’s first

Thermal camera

Thermal camera technology has taken a leap forward with the world’s first voice controlled hands free wearable device. Thermal camera developments by RealWear enable frontline industrial professionals to conduct inspections, enhance remote support sessions and avoid equipment downtime using simple voice commands. The new thermal camera connects seamlessly with RealWear Navigator Series headsets, includes radiometric FLIR […]

National Engineering Day celebrates £645bn economic powerhouse


Engineering is an economic powerhouse that employs eight million workers and generates 32 per cent of UK’s economic output. Engineering contributes £645 billion to the UK’s annual economy and drives manufacturing and innovation across the country. New research has been unveiled to celebrate UK’s National Engineering Day which aims to recognise the achievements of the […]