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Creating a digital trust framework

digital trust

Digital trust is a necessity in a world where digital technologies support and mediate virtually all economic transactions, social connections and institutions. At the same this trust is significantly eroding on a global scale. In order to reverse this trend, leaders and organisations creating and implementing new technologies and digital services must make decisions that […]

Strategies to ensure boardroom cyber security

cyber security

As a CISO or CIO it’s important to measure and effectively communicate cyber security risk to the board of directors. CISOs can use a combination of quantitative and qualitative methods to measure and provide a comprehensive view of the organisation’s cyber risk landscape.  “CISOs can use quantitative metrics such as the number of security incidents, […]

Harnessing the benefits of business data science

data science

Data science, the harnessing of new technologies and approaches, can deliver competitive advantage and accelerate growth. Data science is the culmination of several fields like statistics, artificial intelligence (AI), data analysis and more. This field aims to study internet-generated data and reap value from it. Field experts, also known as data scientists, feed harvested data […]