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Key steps to automating industrial stores and warehousing


Automation is a central pillar of Industry 4.0 with physical and data-driven systems driving efficiency, cost-savings, and opportunities for new value creation. One of the fastest-growing trends is the adoption of automated storage and retrieval systems that can support a range of core business objectives, increase operational uptime, and improve productivity. The drivers of change […]

Known vulnerabilities are the greatest cybersecurity threat


Known vulnerabilities for which patches have already been made available are the primary vehicle for cyber attacks. The latest Threat Landscape Report from Tenable reveals that the most commonly exploited vulnerabilities were up to five years old. The Tenable Threat Landscape Report categorises important vulnerability data and analyses attacker behaviour to help organisations inform their […]

Mitigating risk in smart systems adoption

smart systems

Smart systems development and adoption can be complex but its Achilles Heel and weakness lies with people and their behaviours. For every gain in the smart systems arena there seems to be five more obstacles and misunderstood opportunities, a report from Harbor Research finds. On the technology supply side, platforms, infrastructure and marketing promises alone will […]