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Ransomware attacks demand new thinking and approach


It is rare that a day goes past without a high-profile ransomware attack making the news. These attacks have continued to grow in frequency and intensity – in fact, according to IDC’s 2021 Ransomware Study, over one in three (37 per cent) of global organisations were victims of a form of ransomware attack in 2021. The […]

Ransomware is now cybercrime-as-a-service


The cybercrime-as-a-service economy is accelerating the volume and effectiveness of cyber attacks, according to new research. “Ransomware moved from being a service to an economy,” said Mick Baccio, Global Security Strategist at Splunk. “When you look at the technical end of ransomware, it’s really kinda boring. But since it’s so easy to spin up, and […]

Digital transformation for sustainable supply chains

digital transformation

The only way industry can effectively reduce its carbon emissions is by digital transformation of supply and value chains. With heightened environmental scrutiny a business can no longer claim to be ‘green’ if the companies it buys from are not and digital transformation through enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions can help ensure the sustainability of […]

Low-code is enabling a smart manufacturing revolution

smart manufacturing

As factories continue to invest in smart manufacturing capabilities operators are now challenged with utilising vast amounts of new data. With greater smart manufacturing connectivity among humans, machines, processes and data there is now an increased need for tools that can not only connect workers to each other but also capture, contextualise and analyse data […]