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Connecting digital systems to drive more efficient construction


Efficiency in construction has always been important. Fail to deliver projects on time and within budget, and you risk seriously impacting the bottom line or jeopardising your organisation’s reputation. In today’s climate, where sustainability and building costs must also be considered, it is now become even more crucial. There have been major changes across the […]

Successful companies should expect to get hacked


Successful companies should expect to be hacked or suffer a cyber attack and should plan accordingly, says the UK’s former assistant chief of Defence staff. Major-General Jonathan Shaw, the British Army’s first head of cyber security and former government assistant chief of Defence staff, says companies should expect to be hacked and attacked and should […]

Using 3D mapping solutions for enterprise AR


3D mapping with augmented reality is the key to breakthroughs in manufacturing efficiencies and the technology is rapidly evolving. AR technology is already being leveraged with 3D mapping data to provide strategic tools for site planning, instructional guidance, or real-time navigation. As AR technology advances, so will its capabilities to leverage 3D mapping data. 3D […]