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New digital skills needed to power growth

digital skills

April – Data proficiency in areas such as AI is the catalyst for digital transformation and but a lack of skills threatens to stall economic growth. Demand for data scientists and code-writers has increased 400 per cent in the past five years but workers receive little training in data science despite a growing need. This […]

The connected factory

connected factory

May – The rising demands made upon manufacturing to meet efficiency, productivity and commercial objectives require new technologies and processes to overcome the range of operational challenges faced by industry. This panel session details how 5G connectivity is powering rollout of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) in new smart factories.

AI process optimisation in manufacturing


June – Manufacturing processes are being revolutionised by the use of artificial intelligence to eliminate redundancies, streamline workflows and improve communication. AI-powered solutions aid production by gathering process data at high speed, monitoring the operation of every piece of equipment to identify inconsistencies and defects. This panel session details the use of AI in delivering […]

Digital trust

The need to re-build trust in technology and the companies that rely on digital solutions and products is increasing as worldwide cyber crime and end-user wariness threaten the foundation of digital transformation. Digital technology is the engine room of the economy but a growing lack of trust around data use, data security and the objectives […]

The Reality of an Interconnected World

The need for digital inter-connectivity has kick-started the race into a future world of Automation, Virtual Reality, the Metaverse and Internet of Things. But recent reports show that less than 40% of companies currently use interconnected tools to measure, manage and control data and processes that are key to their business. Many-to-many connectivity is needed […]

The Industrial Metaverse

The Industrial Metaverse is delivering a new world of possibilities in design, production, collaboration and data governance. Metaverse technologies such as the Internet of Things, AR, MR, and Virtual Reality allow for the creation of ‘digital twins’ and meta-factories where the blending of real-world physical elements with real-time data helps to monitor and control industrial […]