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Securing data connectivity

James talks about: Metaverse security; passwords; telecoms interconnectivity; IoT devices; global server connections; electricity and connectivity; internet connectivity; data security and business processes; regulation.

The Reality of an Interconnected World

The need for digital inter-connectivity has kick-started the race into a future world of Automation, Virtual Reality, the Metaverse and Internet of Things. But recent reports show that less than 40% of companies currently use interconnected tools to measure, manage and control data and processes that are key to their business. Many-to-many connectivity is needed […]

The Industrial Metaverse

The Industrial Metaverse is delivering a new world of possibilities in design, production, collaboration and data governance. Metaverse technologies such as the Internet of Things, AR, MR, and Virtual Reality allow for the creation of ‘digital twins’ and meta-factories where the blending of real-world physical elements with real-time data helps to monitor and control industrial […]