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The expanding workplace

For smart meetings to be a reality, better communication tools are essential. The latest workplace technology innovations are already empowering people to be happier and more productive. Many organisations are moving towards an agile workplace to increase employee wellbeing and cut operational costs by moving their staff to smaller, more cost-effective premises, encouraging hot-desking and […]

A rising threat

As digitisation accelerates, it’s critical for organisations to shore up their defences to ensure information systems are well protected, as Mark Venables explains. The latest trends in cybercrime have seen it all. Advanced exploits allegedly developed by high-profile threat actors used in massive ransomware attacks, creativity of spam and phishing attacks on trending topics, and […]

Clear and present danger

  Earlier this year Honeywell launched its first industrial cybersecurity centre of excellence (COE) at its Middle East headquarters in Dubai. At the opening CTS met up with Jeff Zindel, vice president and general manager, Honeywell Industrial cybersecurity for critical infrastructure & IIoT, to discuss the industrial cybersecurity landscape Connected Technology Solutions (CTS): Does the […]

Passwords are not going away

It is a classic case of poacher turned gamekeeper. In his previous guise Jonathan Bennun was a hacker, now he is fighting against cyberattack as product strategy manager at access management provider OneLogin. When he was attempting to breach systems, he found vulnerabilities like easy-to-guess passwords made his work much easier. “If that attack vector […]

The five stages of cloud security

Whether a conscious decision, natural occurrence or key part of your IT strategy, embracing the cloud at some level for mission-critical services or infrastructure needs has become the norm for all businesses today as they look to lower the total cost of IT ownership and improve efficiencies. Large-scale adoption and immersion in cloud computing has […]

The critical path to manufacturing efficiency

CTS looks at how innovative technology is enabling manufacturers to transform their processes with real-time insight into any aspects of operation The connected technologies that underpin Industry 4.0 promise to transform manufacturing with real-time insight into any aspects of operation that risk degrading finely-tuned processes. But there is a problem – the way organisations can […]

Living on the edge

As industry continues to encompass data analytics, artificial intelligence and other disruptive technologies edge computing will became a vital tool in the IT armoury Edge computing is now a fundamental tenet of IT infrastructure, it is literally pushing boundaries by redefining today’s modern data centre. Forward thinking organisations are always looking to progress by utilising […]

Risk and reward

To ensure maximum benefit from innovative industrial processes and technology, businesses need to consider IT innovation and become early adopters of pioneering brands IT has tremendous potential to transform businesses. From introducing new ways of working to using Big Data to provide transformational insights, it can radically change the way we run our organisations. However, […]

Bottle Job

  High-availability process control solution as a cross-discipline core of a newly erected smart factory where glass bottles are manufactured for the pharmaceutical industry Within the international glass industry, Zippe is renowned as the contact of choice for batch and cullet plants. Owner-operated in its fourth generation, the company was formed in 1920 and supplies […]

Blended Connectivity

Arguably one of the biggest challenges facing UK businesses in the coming year is the continued confusion regarding access to Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWANs) that are essential to support the deployment of IoT at scale. At a time when organisations are being actively encouraged by the government to invest in innovation to drive […]

How Volkswagen is developing the car of the future virtually

Bright sunlight floods the Volkswagen Virtual Engineering Lab in Wolfsburg. Two dozen screens flicker, some of them showing graphics and others hundreds of lines of program code. In the centre of the room, there is a scale 1:4 model of a Golf. Frank Ostermann inspects the model, and then he changes its wheels, replaces the […]

Mixed reality technology meets car design at Ford

Ford designers have been swapping some clay-sculpting steels and rakes for mixed reality headsets and visualisation software that can change vehicle design elements – side mirrors, grilles, vehicle interiors and more – in mere seconds. Designers have been piloting Microsoft HoloLens technology for a year now in Ford’s Dearborn studios, allowing them to see proposed […]

Boeing tests augmented reality in the factory

Installing electrical wiring on an aircraft is a complex task that leaves zero room for error. That’s why Boeing is testing augmented reality as a possible solution to give technicians real-time, hands-free, interactive 3D wiring diagrams – right before their eyes. “A person working in an industrial setting has a lot of distractions in that […]

Dawn of a new reality

In an article published in the Harvard Business Manager (February 2018), Prof. Michael E. Porter, Harvard Business School and James E. Heppelmann, President and CEO of PTC, explain that AR is a completely new way to reach people, not simply another communication channel and that every company needs augmented reality The adoption of augmented reality […]

Pointing the way to IIoT success through open standards

Phil Beecher, president and CEO, Wi-SUN Alliance explains why standardisation is a key requirement for IoT projects The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is rapidly changing the way organisations work, for the better. Many across the globe are already driving improved collaboration and business efficiencies, faster time to market and productivity enhancements off the back […]

Dealing with disruption

Rajat Dhawan, Bernd Heid, Paul Küderli, and Kevin Laczkowski of McKinsey look at how industrial companies can respond to disruptive forces A survey of 300-plus executives from the automotive, aerospace, and diversified-industrial sectors generated insights that can help traditional players reckon with change. The industrial sector will see more disruption within the next five years […]

Roadblocks for 3D printing

CTS takes a closer look at 3D printing, what’s preventing businesses from adopting the technology and how you can manage material quality. 3D printing, sometimes known as additive manufacturing (AM), is one of the biggest technological innovations of the decade. It is technology that can allow you to build anything from the ground up, so […]