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Artificial intelligence to boost supply chain accountability

artificial intelligence

Supply chains have become increasingly complex, creating increased demand for digital technologies such as artificial intelligence to improve their accountability. The Digital Supply Chain Hub (DSCH) is helping to make supply chains more accountable and resilient by demonstrating the benefits of technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain which include increasing security, real-time tracking and […]

Industrial IoT artificial intelligence framework

artificial intelligence

The Industry IoT Consortium has produced a new framework document covering the use of artificial intelligence with the Internet of Things. The IIAIF brings together the IT and OT perspectives and their convergence by considering the various aspects of next-generation artificial intelligence-enabled IIoT systems. The new framework addresses the value proposition, implementation challenges, and architectural […]

People can’t tell difference between AI and real images


As artificial intelligence (AI) software evolves it is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish between what’s real and what’s fake. Artificial intelligence has made significant advancements in the ability to generate realistic images, making it much harder to distinguish between images created by AI and those captured by real-life cameras. Recent studies have shown that AI-generated […]

IoT solutions for waste water management


IoT solutions are being used to prevent corrosion in waste water pipes that can reduce their lifespan from 100 years to just ten. As wastewater plants are becoming more and more centralised worldwide, wastewater is moved over further distances and through more wells, significantly increasing hydrogen sulfide production. Hydrogen sulfide is produced naturally as a […]