IoT solutions for waste water management


IoT solutions are being used to prevent corrosion in waste water pipes that can reduce their lifespan from 100 years to just ten.

As wastewater plants are becoming more and more centralised worldwide, wastewater is moved over further distances and through more wells, significantly increasing hydrogen sulfide production. Hydrogen sulfide is produced naturally as a result of the breakdown of organic matter but is most prevalent in wastewater management.

The corrosive power of this gas can then reduce the lifespan of concrete wells from 100 years to 10. 

Consibio intelligent plug-and-play utility monitoring solutions can manage and overcome such problems. Specialising in various bio-industries, for wastewater, the company installs hydrogen sulfide sensors and IoT connectors and equips these with Onomondo Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity and feeds the data through a platform providing granular insights for utility providers that indicates exactly what is happening within the water treatment infrastructure.

Based on the data, the platform can make suggestions or act autonomously to figure out how best to mitigate hydrogen sulfide production and limit damage. Some options include:

Pumping chemicals through the sewer to reduce gas formation, shooting a cleaning pig, a bullet-shaped device, through the pipe to remove bacterial biofilm and using biofilters to clean the air released from sewers. 

Users receive these action recommendations via cloud software, SMS or email. They can be automatically triggered, so an IoT connector can turn on a chemical dosing pump to release cleaning chemicals.

“Our smart, proactive sensor platform, powered by IoT connectivity, helps utility organisations by preventing time drain and environmental damage,” said Søren Kjær, Co-founder & CEO, Consibio.

“We have leveraged IoT to provide accurate and actionable data-driven insights to improve industrial processes.  Onomondo’s specific IoT capabilities mean that we can also save considerable time and environmental costs as part of the process.”

Consibio is a specialist in remote monitoring and control solutions across sustainable industries. The Consibio Platform allow companies with a need for remote monitoring and control, to deeply benefit from more data-driven insights and analytics by combining new sensor technology, Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data without the need for deep technical user knowledge.

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