5G fixed wireless access platform for industrial IoT


A new 5G fixed wireless access platform introduces a new architecture to push the boundaries of connectivity.

Snapdragon X75 technologies and innovations empower OEMs to create next generation experiences across segments including industrial IoT, smartphones, mobile broadband, automotive, compute, fixed wireless access and 5G private networks.

Snapdragon X75 is the first Modem-RF System with a dedicated hardware tensor accelerator, Qualcomm 5G AI Processor Gen 2, enabling over 2.5 times better AI performance compared to Gen 1 and introduces Qualcomm 5G AI Suite Gen 2 with new AI-powered optimisations to achieve better speeds, coverage, mobility, link robustness and location accuracy. The Qualcomm 5G AI Suite features advanced AI-based capabilities including world’s first sensor-assisted mmWave beam management and AI-enhanced GNSS Location Gen 2, which uniquely optimise Snapdragon X75 for superior 5G performance.

Powered by a new modem-to-antenna upgradeable architecture, Snapdragon X75 is purpose-built for scalability and enables unmatched 5G performance with key features such as:

AI-based sensor-assisted mmWave beam management for superior connectivity reliability and AI-based location accuracy enhancements.

World’s first 10-carrier aggregation for mmWave, 5x downlink carrier aggregation and FDD uplink MIMO for sub-6 GHz bands which allow for unparalleled spectrum aggregation and capacity.

Converged transceiver for mmWave and sub-6 paired with new Qualcomm QTM565 fifth generation mmWave antenna modules reduce cost, board complexity, hardware footprint and power consumption

Qualcomm Advanced Modem-RF Software Suite further improves sustained performance, across user scenarios including elevators, subway trains, airports, parking garages, mobile gaming sessions and more.

Qualcomm Smart Transmit Gen 4 to allow for fast, reliable and long-range uploads and now including support for Snapdragon Satellite.

“5G Advanced will take connectivity to a whole new level, fueling the new reality of the Connected Intelligent Edge,” said Durga Malladi, senior vice president and general manager, cellular modems and infrastructure, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. “Snapdragon X75 Modem-RF System demonstrates the full breadth of our global 5G leadership, with innovations such as hardware accelerated AI and the support for upcoming 5G Advanced capabilities, which unlock a whole new level of 5G performance and a new phase in cellular communications.”

Powered by Snapdragon X75, Qualcomm Fixed Wireless Access Platform Gen 3 is the world’s first fully integrated 5G Advanced-ready fixed wireless access (FWA) platform with mmWave, Sub-6 GHz, and Wi-Fi 7 support, including 10Gb Ethernet capability.

This new platform offers superior performance boosted with powerful quad-core CPU and dedicated hardware acceleration designed to support peak performance across 5G cellular, Ethernet and Wi-Fi. With these enhanced capabilities, Qualcomm FWA Gen 3 platform will enable a new class of all-wireless broadband delivering multi-gigabit speeds and wire-like latency to virtually every device in the home.

Additionally, Qualcomm FWA Gen 3 will help enable a wide range of applications and value-added services for mobile operators and provide them with a cost-effective way to deliver fiber-like internet speeds wirelessly over 5G to rural, suburban and dense urban communities helping drive global adoption of FWA and taking another step toward closing the digital divide.

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