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Autonomous delivery vehicles travel 10m kilometres

autonomous delivery

Autonomous delivery robots have travelled the equivalent of more than 10m kilometres around the world while delivering goods.

Starship Technologies, provider of autonomous delivery services, has announced an industry first with the company’s robots having now passed the 10 million km mark (over 6 million miles) in terms of distance travelled around the world.

This is further than any other company in the industry, and more than six times that of the one million mile mark recently announced by international self-driving car developers, Waymo and Cruise.

Starship’s 2,000+ strong fleet of robots have made more than four million autonomous deliveries globally, also an industry leading figure, and complete 140,000 road crossings around the world every day.

While Starship’s robots have been operating at the L4 level of autonomous driving since 2018, the company also announced today that one of its robots recently completed a company record 24 deliveries in 16 hours 100% autonomously without any human intervention or oversight.

“When we started developing delivery robots in 2014 many thought it was the distant future,” said Ahti Heinla, CTO of Starship Technologies. “However, fast forward to today and our robots are now an integral part of daily life for millions of people around the world. These milestones are recognition of the progress we continue to make as the market leader for autonomous delivery, and we remain as committed as ever to making the last mile of delivery more efficient, cost effective and environmentally friendly.”

Starship Technologies recently expanded its service in the UK to Greater Manchester, with the robots already a common sight in Milton Keynes, Northampton, Bedford, Cambourne, Cambridge and Leeds, as well as multiple university campuses across the US. In total, Starship is now operational in more than 50 service areas globally, allowing millions of people to access delivery robots on a daily basis.

Starship Technologies’ autonomous robots are designed to deliver food, groceries and packages locally in minutes. The delivery robots have travelled millions of miles and completed four million autonomous deliveries around the world. Starship was founded by Ahti Heinla (Skype chief architect) and Janus Friis (Skype co-founder) and Alastair Westgarth is the CEO

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CTS - Industrialisation of IT
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CTS The industrialisation of IT
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