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iSIM solution for global IoT connectivity


A new iSIM solution can help manufacturers deploy IoT devices across disparate mobile network operators worldwide.

The new multi-carrier iSIM solution for IoT provides localised connectivity coverage that extends device performance and uptime, saves physical space on the IoT device and reduces component cost and carbon footprint.

Loss of connectivity, inconsistent quality of service, or network outages and network sunsets can have a catastrophic and compounding effct on IoT businesses in many markets, including medical, utilities, financial, security, logistics, industrial, smart city and smart home.

Sequans and Eseye have provide the first-ever simple, global, secure, end-to-end commercial iSIM connectivity solution targeting the GSMA eSIM M2M specification standard and paving the way for the integration of mobile services into IoT devices.

The joint solution with Eseye’s AnyNet Connectivity Service provides full MNO customisable connectivity over-the air through the Remote SiM Provisioning platform empowering any IoT customer to enjoy full, operational availability of the iSIM solution.

In addition it enables enterprises and manufacturing organisations to ensure that their IoT devices deployed in the field will always remain securely connected with a consistent quality of service that delivers maximum device uptime, and extends product lifespan beyond any current connectivity arrangements. Available on Sequans Monarch 2 modules, Sequans easySWAP with embedded Eseye AnyNet connectivity is an ultra-reliable and universal iSIM solution for the North American market.

When scaling small or large IoT deployments in a territory, you may have to equip your devices with at least 2 (e)SIMs to get connectivity coverage. This solution is not optimised in cost and lacks flexibility. easySWAP with embedded AnyNet connectivity is native in Sequans Monarch 2 modules and can be activated dynamically to extend the geographic reach and reconnect any disconnected asset.

The joint solution also eliminates the need to add one or even two physical (e)SIMs from an additional mobile network operator. This capability not only saves physical space on the IoT device, but reduces component cost, carbon footprint, and provides full flexibility during both the initial deployment phase and after.

Sequans easySWAP with Eseye AnyNet Connectivity future proofs the device with the option to localise the connection to regional carriers, avoiding high and variable roaming costs and solving regulatory challenges related to permanent roaming restrictions and/or data sovereignty restrictions that may be enforced, for example in the USA and Canada or in other countries in the future.

Connectivity service and coverage is critical for the utility to be able to remotely update network subscriptions over this long period of time. The Sequans+Eseye solution allows the utility to switch from one MNO to another. In the case of an MNO network coverage outage or sunsetting a specific spectrum, easySWAP with AnyNet Connectivity enables the IoT business to extend asset lifetimes and improve its return on investment.

This is achieved by providing a roadmap to a choice of over 700 alternative network providers and MNOs with GSMA Remote SIM Provisioning platform access. This allows centralised management for all global connectivity provider profiles along with the ability to dynamically provision the SIM and switch networks over-the-air.

The Integrated eUICC (iSIM) is an integral part of the silicon of the cellular chip, which reduces the footprint on the PCB and in addition eliminates any need for a plastic SIM, SIM slot, or soldered SIM, substantially reducing the carbon footprint.

CTS The industrialisation of IT
CTS - Industrialisation of IT
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CTS The industrialisation of IT
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