Schneider Electric launches EcoStruxure facility expert for maintenance and asset control

Schneider Electric has launched EcoStruxure Facility Expert, a digital tool that enables business owners and contractors to stay connected to their electrical assets at all times.

Facility Expert functions as a smart logbook, where all information on and data produced by a device is readily available in one central, easily accessible location. All personnel involved in a project can easily share information through the app, without needing to rely on printed information that can easily be lost or damaged, causing delays to the project and driving up costs.

The digital app – which is available to download for smartphone, tablet or desktop –
allows asset owners to map out all of their electrical assets for better organisation, with any documentation they need only a press away.

Adding devices to the digital logbook is quick and easy. With a portable smart device, such as a phone or tablet, users simply scan the asset’s QR code and all relevant information is stored in-app. This enables contractors to add new devices to their logbooks while out on the field.

EcoStruxure Facility Expert is also the ideal tool for monitoring and maintenance. It monitors your most important electrical assets in real-time and notifies you when it detects something is wrong. This could be anything from a blown fuse to an insulation fault inside a distribution board. This allows the user to respond swiftly to avoid disruption and costly business downtime.

“As the world digitises, we must digitise along with it,” Emily Pilgrim, EcoStruxure Power Specialist at Schneider Electric, said. “With smart technologies there is no longer any need to leave a paper trail. By using EcoStruxure Facility Expert, asset owners and supervisors will be able to collaborate and access all the information they need instantly. Above all else, the tool delivers peace of mind.

Facility Expert keeps you connected to your most critical assets even when you’re out of the office.”
At Schneider Electric’s Telford manufacturing Facility, all Okken panels are now shipped with a QR code which can be scanned through the Facility Expert app. This leads directly to the asset page where documentation related to maintenance and safety instructions can be accessed, along with recommended preventative maintenance tasks.

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