AI powered supply chain planning solution


A new AI-powered supply chain planning solution aims to empower SMEs to adapt, flex, and accelerate supply chain planning.

Netstock’s new AI-powered Predictive Planning Suite is a purpose-built supply chain planning and inventory management solution that aims to provide inventory management, visibility and flexibility.

The solution will enable businesses to optimise order placement, minimise stock-outs, and reduce surplus stock, resulting in increased operating cash and rapid ROI.

“Traditionally, only enterprise-level solutions could provide this level of functionality and performance, costing many times more,” Ara Ohanian, Netstock’s CEO, said. “We engineered our solution bundles to best address the needs of our customers as they take on more sophistication within their inventory management requirements. This helps them deploy what they need now and future-proof their inventory management needs well into the future.”

Netstock has also launched its Opportunity Engine, a powerful new AI-powered tool designed to analyse all inventory data to quickly anticipate potential problems and provide recommendations in real-time, enabling customers to respond and rectify issues before they become a problem.

Barry Kukkuk, Netstock’s CTO said: “Netstock customers will continue to experience significant benefits from our constantly evolving AI technology. Leveraging this technology, Netstock will consistently capture and integrate valuable supply chain expertise, delivering packaged solutions directly to our customers.”

Netstock’s learning academy provides access to unrivalled industry expertise, ensuring businesses stay ahead of the competition. With an ISO 27001 certification, Netstock guarantees the highest level of data security and integrity, instilling confidence by protecting their customer’s sensitive information.

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