ChatGPT-enabled solution for maintenance teams


A new ChatGPT-enabled digital assistant simplifies maintenance operations, enabling faster access to crucial spare parts.

Ivaldi’s custom ChatGPT integration allows secure equipment data and maintenance documentation to be indexed and accessed through an AI assistant. Maintenance crews can engage in custom dialogues with the AI system for tailored information, eliminating the need for physical manuals or online document searches.

The platform also facilitates ordering replacement components directly through the interface. If a part is not already in the Ivaldi virtual library, users can submit 2D drawings or simple sketches, which the system converts into custom-generated models within pre-engineered categories. Once approved, Ivaldi then creates a printable 3D model and coordinates production and delivery with its partner network of 15,000 local manufacturers. Once approved by the user, models are cleaned up, given correct dimensions and prepared for printing in the appropriate metal or polymer material.

“Over eleven billion dollars were lost last year due to spare parts shortages,” said Espen Sivertsen, Ivaldi CEO. “Providing maintenance crews with better information and faster spare parts access will save companies time and money, reducing risk, improving safety and extending the useful life of equipment.”

A specialist in the additive manufacturing heavy industry aftermarket, Ivaldi is on a mission to help companies save time, money, risk and carbon footprint by sending files, not parts. Ivaldi has previously been first in the world to put commercially 3D printed parts into operation in the maritime and mining industries.

Working with leading heavy industrial actors such as Anglo American Mining, Wilhelmsen and Shipserv, Ivaldi is also known for launching collaborations with leading class authorities and industry organisations such as DNV, SINTEF, MPA and API to develop safety guidelines and CO2 emissions standards for additively manufactured parts.

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