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Cloud-based collaboration for industry


Collaboration has taken major leaps forward from traditional workplace tools and now, via IoT, includes 4-D collaboration in the metaverse.

There are numerous cloud-based tools available that facilitate collaborative working but there are key factors to consider for organisations working in a highly regulated environment and with important, sensitive data. Key elements include specified permissions for each user; secure access; an audit trail of all activity undertaken and controlled access for external parties.

These features are essential for ensuring the privacy and security of sensitive data and capturing all work completed, including edits and revisions with details of when they were made and by whom. This means you can audit check the entire process and easily pinpoint any mistakes or oversights.

Cloud based systems are a necessity in today’s working world but choosing the right system which is going to provide you with what you need is half the battle in getting the most out of it. According to IdeaGen there are some essential elements to consider in order to ensure a smooth transition.

Communicate clearly: Make sure all staff members know exactly what to expect by clearly communicating why and when you will be starting to use a cloud-based system. Explaining how it will be beneficial to the user will help to get them on board with this change to the way they work.

Establish a process: Mapping out how workloads will be managed using a cloud system eliminates confusion and ensures everyone knows what is expected of them, allowing you to get started right away without any hiccups.

Provide training: Many users will be familiar with cloud-based software in some form or other, but providing training allows everyone to be on common ground and gives the opportunity to cover the unique features and set up of your chosen system.

Risk assess: The creation of business-critical documents is an important task and you need to ensure that information is being handled in the right way. Assessing any potential risks with using a new system to do this means you can plan ahead to put appropriate controls in place.

Cloud collaboration offers a range of workflow benefits essential to industry. It makes remote working easier as using a document collaboration solution makes the process of working together on documents much more straightforward. It allows external collaboration and enables you to control what they can access to ensure sensitive information remains secure.

Replacing email chains and multiple versions of a document saves a lot of time and effort, particularly for long, complex documents which have been worked on by numerous people. Rather than having to consolidate everything, the software captures everything in real time.

Cloud based systems enhance productivity. Being able to work simultaneously within the live document gives individuals more freedom for where and when they work, making it easier to manage workloads and complete tasks.

Cloud collaboration tools deliver easy to manage workflows, proper version control and a central platform for input and communication. This allows contributors to access all the relevant information whenever they need it. Work is saved automatically and accessible at any time, removing the risk of human error, corrupted files or lost conversations and the need for email communication.

CTS The industrialisation of IT
CTS - Industrialisation of IT
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CTS The industrialisation of IT
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