Cloud platform manages to both reduce costs and increase efficiency


Manufacturer’s power is enhanced through the use of the InfinityQS enact platform, recent analysis from Frost and Sullivan has shown. As a cloud based platform, it manages to address the requirements of users across an organisation, including shop floor operators, site quality management personnel, and corporate quality management personnel, leading to increased efficiency, reduced costs, improved agility, and enterprise wide consistency.

“Using features such as an operator focused interface, intuitive design, and stream grading, operators can simplify their manufacturing processes,” Sankara Narayanan, senior industry analyst, Frost and Sullivan said. “Enact is highly exception based, allowing users to set up system rules while the platform generates calls to action based on these rules. By focusing on exceptions, enact minimises distractions, ensuring quick responses to scenarios requiring immediate attention.”

The platform is designed to aid optimal shop floor operations, site quality management, and corporate quality management. The platform’s operator focused dashboard and configurable graphics display key information and tasks, while its simple user interface makes it easy to use. By presenting complex data in a highly accessible, straightforward visual format, the solution expedites action. Furthermore, when an operator moves to a new line, the dashboard changes to accommodate the new work environment and automatically prioritises data collection and notifications.

For site quality management, the platform eliminates data silos by serving as a centralised and unified data repository. As the platform is browser based, information can be made available on any device, while its responsive design allows manufacturers to use low cost, solid state devices that only require a reliable internet connection. In terms of corporate quality management, the dashboard presents continual enterprise wide analysis and a high level summary that identifies potential pain points so clients can prioritise their resources and investments.

“The platform is cost effective for companies of all sizes that wish to deploy it across multiple sites because it is cloud based,” Narayanan explained. “It is compatible with standard devices, such as tablets or smartphones, making it an ideal fit for remote workers. It has been helping clients transform their business by becoming more efficient, improving throughput, and performing quicker and better informed operational decisions.”

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