Digitalisation solutions for seamless traceability


The key themes driving modern manufacturing are the value of data, new business models and digital transformation with increasing focus on sustainable, human-centric and resilient manufacturing techniques.

Industrial automation enables companies to manage their digital transformation by ensuring full traceability in production and logistics, warehouse management processes and enables comprehensive control and safety systems for robotic cells and automated guided vehicles.

Traceability applications can be solved with the Datalogic Matrix 320 high-performance imager.Equipped with C-mount lenses, smart illuminators, and a 5MP sensor, the imager offers the highest reading performance and an impressive Field of View (FoV) to read multiple labels or codes with just a single reader. The Matrix 320 Series offers an expanded portfolio of lenses, lighting, filters, and accessories to configure the barcode reader to meet the exact needs of the application. Because the reader is modular, it can be easily configured to solve applications across many verticals.

The PowerScan 9600 industrial handheld scanner is a solution for any traceability application that requires manual reading. The new PowerScan 9600 is available with a variety of optics to meet different customer needs. In addition to the Standard Range and high-performance models for the most common applications, there will also be new variants. These are perfect for warehouse applications, with optics that scan to a distance of just over 20 meters, and for Direct Part Mark reading, for traceability applications in the automotive, aerospace, electronics, and medical industries.

An efficient and reliable traceability process requires a permanent, robust, and high-quality identification code. The AREX400 family of laser markers, which will be fully operational on our stand, provide fast, flexible, and reliable Direct Part Marking on a wide range of materials, ensuring long life and the highest readability.

With the new Android powered Memor 11 PDA, mobile workers can rely on a rugged device that ensures connectivity at all times. This mobile computer can be used seamlessly indoors or combined with outdoor operations and field mobility to support traceability throughout the supply chain.

Datasensing offers the P2x Series smart camera, providing the power and flexibility of a complete vision system. Its compact form factor and advanced localisation capabilities make it the ideal smart camera for robot guidance applications. The company also offers new versions of its Smart VS Plus vision sensors, the complete S3N Series of miniature photoelectric sensors with IO-Link, the new SH4 Series of safety curtains with wireless programming, and the CR0 retroflex detection area sensors.

The SLS safety laser scanner, designed for safety applications in AGV and robotic systems, safely guides the movements of RoBee, Oversonic’s humanoid robot. And finally, Pekat Vision, a Datalogic Group company that develops proprietary machine vision algorithms, offers machine learning and deep learning solutions for industrial automation and material handling applications.

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