Innovation boost for UK universities


Innovation in Digital Industries, Smart Infrastructure, eMobility and Core Technologies have been boosted by a new partnership between Siemens and seven UK universities.

Universities in Birmingham, Manchester, Sheffield, Newcastle, Nottingham, Oxford and Cambridge have been chosen as top tier innovation partners for Siemens’ new Research and Innovation Ecosystems programme.

The programme includes universities, Siemens companies, research institutes, catapult centres, innovation start-ups, creative individuals, business partners and customers, all collaborating to create, scale and deliver new technologies and services to market.

Innovation Ecosystems

Over the past 10 years Siemens has developed a local network of external partners in its research and currently runs over 130 projects a year with UK universities. Involvement in the Siemens Research and Innovation Ecosystems programme gives the selected universities priority access and maximum support in identifying, winning and executing local and global projects with Siemens, its customers, governments, institutions and other research commissioning and funding bodies.

The seven UK universities were chosen for their ongoing R & D in Digital Industries, Smart Infrastructure, eMobility and Core Technologies and partnering with Siemens will now focus on decarbonisation (University of Birmingham); routes to net zero (Newcastle University); cybersecurity and data analysis (University of Oxford, University of Cambridge and University of Manchester; and the future of manufacturing (University of Nottingham and University of Sheffield).

These universities will now get priority access to the Siemens Open Innovation Platform that includes identified real world challenges; access to Siemens industrial researchers and business leaders; tech mentoring and business contacts to support academic start-ups; collaboration with customers and business partners to establish new relationships; groups created to jointly leverage funding opportunities; international partnership building and customized access to Siemens’ software and products for academic research and education

To facilitate the close collaboration between the universities and their RIEs, Siemens embed staff permanently at the universities and encourage the flow of interns and recruitment into their businesses.

“This is an important recognition by our global business that UK universities have a lot to offer in innovation, ingenuity and creativity,” said Carl Ennis, ceo of Siemens UK. “These universities have demonstrated that they are more than capable of leading and participating in collaborative projects locally and globally.”

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