Intelligent digitalisation for heavy machinery manufacturer


Manufacturer SANY aims to drive sustainable development with a strategy of ‘intelligent digitalisation’ and ‘electrification’.

The heavy machinery manufacturer, in its new corporate social responsibility (CSR) report, has pledged to meet environmental governance targets via digitalisation and technological innovation in its efforts to tackle climate challenges.

SANY is also promoting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and reaching China’s carbon peaking and carbon neutralisation goals, while taking better care of employees, focusing on talent development, and actively investing in and engaging in social welfare events.

“SANY has been actively fulfilling our economic, social, and environmental responsibilities to achieve sustainable development,” Xiang Wenbo, chairman of SANY Heavy Industry, said. “Looking ahead into 2023, we will continue to seize opportunities and collaborate with our partners and all stakeholders to explore a sustainable development path that tackles global challenges, creates greater value for employees, shareholders, and society, and contributes to reaching the global sustainable development goals.”

SANY’s global development roadmap emphasises leveraging intelligent digitalisation to reach the ‘Dual Carbon’ goals, advancing electrification development to target clean energy opportunities, and accelerating global industrial layout.

The group is shifting conventional manufacturing and consumption models towards green, energy-saving, and circular development. Driving the future with the power of data, its intelligent digitalisation strategy is leading the industry’s technological progress, especially in the area of low-carbon transformation of product development – integrating clean technology optimisation for construction machinery equipment, including pure electric and hydrogen energy technologies.

SANY has established a standardised and effective digital risk management and internal control structure to achieve long-term sustainable development, while improving the systems of R&D, quality control, and supplier management with sustainability the key to the corporate governance processes.

The company is implementing clean production technologies to conserve resources, boost recycling, and reduce environmental pollution. In 2022, it invested $466,673 in photovoltaic projects that generate an average of 900,000 KWH annually, with its total clean energy usage amounting to 16.013 million KWH. It also invested over $20m to control gas emissions and reduce VOCs emissions by 134.83 tons.

The company has been improving its safety production and occupational health management systems to guarantee and support the well-being and safety of employees and suppliers. In addition, it has organised various events for employees to promote engagement and communication, as well as creating a better environment for work and life.

In 2022, SANY employees completed 687.4 hours of volunteer work. The group’s total investment in various social welfare projects reached $6.63 million, encompassing poverty alleviation, disaster relief, and public welfare initiatives.

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