Intelligent IoT to support fleet management compliance

Intelligent IoT

Intelligent IoT is being harnessed to support fleet management operators and the need to comply with travel and working hours legislation.

Intelligent IoT Network from  Aeris has been chosen by AddSecure, a supplier of fleet management solutions, to provide next-generation connectivity to manage AddSecure’s Electronic Logging Device solution across North America.

AddSecure’s Isotrak ELD solution is an electronic logging device that provides fleet operators with an accurate and simple means of keeping hours of service records that drivers and fleet operators are required by law to maintain.

With Aeris Intelligent IoT, AddSecure is provided with one view of all ELD devices and data, regardless of location or number of devices. This eliminates the need to require multiple platforms as Aeris is carrier and technology agnostic. In addition, with Aeris’ advanced analytics capabilities, AddSecure has granular visibility into scheduling, maintenance, and compliance data and insights.

“AddSecure’s partnership with Aeris has enabled the Isotrak ELD solution to be a truly flexible roaming product, providing our customers with the ability to travel throughout North America without service interruptions,” said Matthew Constantine, director of operations for AddSecure North America.

Aeris Intelligent IoT will ensure compliance with the ELD mandate, a US and Canadian Government regulation designed to manage driving hours and driver fatigue for fleet operators with vehicles over a certain weight. This regulation will go into effect in Canada in January 2023, specifying that operators of commercial motor vehicles covered by this law will be required to use electronic logging devices, or ELDs. The Isotrak ELD records data related to the operation of the vehicle and driver activity and is one of only a handful of products, available today that is certified by Transport Canada to ensure fleet operators are fully compliant ahead of the regulation going into effect in January 2023.

The Aeris Intelligent IoT Network helps to streamline the data transfer process in a way best suited for a fleet company’s specific needs. Aeris, together with AddSecure, can help integrate ELDs to ensure that fleet delivery or distribution enterprises can achieve compliance seamlessly with the upcoming ELD mandate.

“The Aeris Intelligent IoT Network with its ubiquitous coverage across North America helps to strengthen AddSecure’s ELD service availability and reliability for their customers,” said Mohsen Mohseninia, VP, market development at Aeris in Europe

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