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Overcoming cloud migration challenges from legacy databases

cloud migration

Cloud spending will account for more than half of IT budgets by 2025 but cloud migration creates database challenges.

Cloud migration is driving organisations to prioritise application modernisation and multi-cloud initiatives but complexity of moving underlying data to a modern database has delayed efforts resulting in productivity loss, increased risk and higher operational costs.

YugabyteDB Voyager enables enterprises to manage the broader lifecycle of database modernisation with a single, flexible cloud native solution. As a result, organisations can lower their operational costs and reduce overall risk.

“Our customers want to accelerate their cloud and application initiatives but database migration is often the biggest barrier preventing them from moving these projects forward,” said Karthik Ranganathan, CTO and co-founder, Yugabyte. “The operational complexity of migrating hundreds of databases from legacy RDBMSs, used for decades, to a modern cloud native distributed SQL database, can be daunting.

“YugabyteDB Voyager eliminates this hurdle by providing an end-to-end database migration tool that simplifies the move to YugabyteDB by offering identical steps to migrate databases from any source database to YugabyteDB deployed in any environment. This eliminates the need to research multiple tools and retrain the database team.”

By accelerating cloud native adoption through YugabyteDB Voyager, organisations can lower costs by reducing legacy database spend, increasing data density and reducing day two operational demands. In addition it helps reduce overall risk by providing a consistent and proven process to migrate both schema and data from legacy database systems, including Oracle, PostgreSQL and MySQL, and from traditional single-cloud databases, like AWS RDS, Aurora, Google Cloud SQL, and Azure Database for PostgreSQL.

“Through 2024, six in ten organisations will re-examine current operational database suppliers with a view of supporting more agile and intelligent operational applications and improving fault tolerance,” said Matt Aslett, VP and research director, Ventana Research. “Distributed SQL databases specifically designed to provide scalability and resiliency that extend beyond a single data centre or cloud instance are attractive options. Database migrations can be costly and complex. Products designed to facilitate database migration and modernisation are therefore increasingly important to organisations as they evaluate potential data platform providers.”

First announced as a beta offering last June, the generally available release includes a number of additional updates and new capabilities based on feedback from beta customers, as well as ongoing engineering investment. A new installer greatly improves the deployment and usability of YugabyteDB Voyager, streamlining the process of getting started in cloud migration.

CTS The industrialisation of IT
CTS - Industrialisation of IT
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CTS The industrialisation of IT
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