Sustainable data monitoring for high performance

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Sustainable data monitoring can cut corporate energy usage by up to 90 per cent, according to VictoriaMetrics.

With the EU’s CSRD becoming law in 2023 and the US SEC’s regulations on GHG emissions, companies need innovative solutions to help them meet regulations and maintain high performance.

VictoriaMetrics data monitoring has been specifically engineered to offer environmental and operational effectiveness, providing users with valuable insights into energy efficiency to optimise CPU, RAM, and storage space – and from there, cost.

The US-based Ukrainian founded scale-up, founded by ex-Google, Cloudflare and Lyft engineers to address flaws with existing open source monitoring solutions, has been designed to strike a careful balance between high performance and environmentally friendly engineering.

VictoriaMetrics leverages a unique combination of optimised data structures and efficient algorithms, reducing the energy required for data processing and storage by up to 90 per cent compared to similar technologies.

The solution uses significantly less CPU, RAM, and storage space compared to contemporaries, resulting in up to 10x cost savings for customers. Its unique compression algorithms allow for the storage of massive amounts of data in a compact format, slashing data storage requirements.

In addition to reducing energy consumption, VictoriaMetrics also minimises hardware requirements for data storage by using lightweight virtual machines and containers. This cuts the number of physical servers needed to store and process data, lowering carbon footprints and procurement costs.

Moreover, the ability to run VictoriaMetrics on older hardware without sacrificing performance offers eco-conscious users the added benefit of recycling their old equipment, saving money on costly hardware upgrades.

“At VictoriaMetrics, we believe in the power of innovation to promote both sustainability and efficiency,” said Roman Khavronenko, co-founder of VictoriaMetrics. “This is reflected in the capabilities of our solutions, which drive both cost-effectiveness and environmental responsibility, setting a new industry standard.”

VictoriaMetrics continues to generate solutions that combine innovation and sustainability. Its fully managed service, Managed VictoriaMetrics on AWS Marketplace, streamlines monitoring for businesses, limiting the amount of resources needed to leverage the technology. With upcoming developments such as VictoriaLogs and MetricsQL, the company is set for a similarly fruitful 2023.

The next release of VictoriaMetrics will allow further reducing network costs by 2-4 times when transferring data from its vmagent, a tiny agent which helps collect metrics from various sources, to VictoriaMetrics.

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