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Working in harmony to propel the energy transition forward

To reach net zero, we need new technologies and solutions that work in harmony with ...

Intelligent digitalisation for heavy machinery manufacturer

Manufacturer SANY aims to drive sustainable development with a strategy of ‘intelligent digitalisation’ and ‘electrification’. ...

Digitalisation the most effective means of plastics recycling

Digitalisation is providing the most effective means for developing a circular economy around plastic re-use, ...

How a modern DCS can accelerate your digital transformation

Upgrading to a modern distributed control system can help producers be more productive, increase profitability ...

Sharpen decision making and open service ecosystem opportunities

Mari E. Haapala, digital lead at ABB Motion, explains how a pandemic-driven surge in the ...

Manufacturers must take a strategic approach to capitalise on technology adoption

Manufacturers are risking wasted time, money and effort adopting digital technology without a strategic plan ...
CTS The industrialisation of IT
CTS - Industrialisation of IT

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CTS The industrialisation of IT

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